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Shabbos morning Torah study Saturday,10 AM @ 201 W 9N St. Summerville, SC


Wednesday Munch & Learn 10 am @ 3100 Ashley Town Center Dr. Charleston SC

A 21st century Judaism. Loving the past, Living in the present and Looking forward to the future. Bringing Rebbe Nachman's Torah and Kabbalah to Charleston/Summerville!

What kind of Jewish Community are you? A group of like-minded Jewish people who assemble for the purpose of; studying Torah, singing nigguns, meditation, prayer services, sharing communal experiences, life cycle events. By working together, by combining our forces, we believe, we will create a 21st century Judaism.

What denomination are you? We are just Jewish. We are an independent Jewish community dedicated to spiritual awareness, Jewish continuity and questioning, social action, the State of Israel, and egalitarianism. We draw from Hasidic, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstruction, and Renewal movements.

Why is our community different? We have decided as Jews to turn our Oy into Joy. We laugh a lot, sometimes at ourselves. We see our community as diverse where Old World meets New World. 

What is our vision? Experiencing Judaism as a religion as well as a relationship to the One. Ready to be part of an unorthodox Shul? Come, see and find yourself! Come to Summerville!

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