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Videos for Unity & Healing

We recommend you watch these videos for your own Neshamah as as well as for your community, and greater world. We believe that your soul must complete a Tikkun (a repair) in this life time. Therefore, you may be suffering or receiving simcha (joy) as you journey in your spiritual life. Watch these videos opening up your soul and spiritual essence. Unlock yourself. Be inspired.

Each of us has a narrative of how we change and grow spiritually. Sometimes, this process is extremely challenging. We need support. We need a spiritual community to embrace.


Help us to embrace you and your spiritual journey. We sit together over food; We share Nigguns (songs) together - we clap our hands, we drum, we raise our voices in unity to HaShem (The Name) of Ein Sof - because our G-d is infinite. So you may use language differently. You may have another name for your G-d or relate to your G-d in an experiential way that we may not know, Help us to create unity and shalom, by sharing with us to better understand your Spiritual Journey.


At Breslove, we care, we love, we understand that everyone is on their own spiritual journey - Let us work together. Let us share in your sorrow. Let's create holy sparks together. Let's daven and pray in a circle. We meditate together and share revelations about our own lives. We breathe life and speak with words of life and honoring one another to create Tiferet (Beauty).


Have you taken time today to love another human being? Are you so wrapped up in your own life and problems, that you are not seeing the needs of others around you? Step back. Take a deep breath. Look out the window. Maybe you are seeing the picture and vision that I see. Maybe your vision is blurred by a horrific snow storm. Maybe you see something different because of your physical vision or spiritual experiences. Maybe you hear something unique because you are a blessing. Let us be a blessing to one another and let us say, Amen.

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